FitMoney - $upersquad

Our Mission

FitMoney provides free and unbiased financial literacy programs to empower children with critical life skills for a financially fit future.


Behavioral science shows that children form financial habits by age 7, making it critical to start financial literacy early and reinforce yearly.


Beginning in kindergarten, FitMoney provides in-school and at-home financial literacy programs that start while financial habits are formed.


Financial literacy needs to be available to everyone free of charge and meet educators, students, and families where they are.


Building financially fit communities that adopt sound financial habits and control their financial outcomes benefits us all.



Join the $uperSquad in their videos, games, and choose-your-own-adventure stories and earn points along the way.

The $uperSquad games and adventures are leveled for K–6 students, built using FitMoney's robust financial literacy curriculum, which is rated 4 stars by Common Sense Education. Students under the age of 13 will require a parent or guardian's permission to create an account.